Doom RL graphical version

Started by 0kult13, February 28, 2012, 03:16:27 PM

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hot of the press

"This release may be the most important release yet — for finally after many years, the awesome tiles of Derek Yu are in the game... This moment marks the first public GRAPHICAL release!

To make better use of the graphics, the interface has been upgraded, and mouse support has been introduced. The interface has been streamlined in many places, and will be streamlined even more in the near future.

To celebrate the graphical release, DoomRL has also received a significant upgrade in the Audio department, with a MP3 music soundtrack consisting of Sonic Clang's Classic Doom renditions as well as Simon Volperts DoomRL tracks in MP3 quality. Sound effects have been substituted with high quality versions created by Per Kristian Risvik."

Sigma One

I used to play DoomRL a while ago during the reallllllly slow times at work, glad to see they gave it an updated look!