Fallout New Vegas Mods - Including WH40K

Started by Gusington, March 01, 2012, 03:08:00 PM

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I still have yet to purchase New Vegas but I found these:


Including a WH40K total conversion...
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The WH40K one sounds the best...I'll have to explore a little more to see how much of a total conversion it is.
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I'll be interested to get your feedback, Gus.


Full disclosure: I haven't even bought New Vegas yet! But will soon. Hopefully someone around here who has it, also has the mod.
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Nice looking mods. Just one more reason for me to pick up the PC version of New Vegas even though I already own the PS3 version.
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Wonder if the 40K mod is armor and weapons only, or if they actually created a world with missions based in the 40K universe?  Seems like it may only be Imperial Guard and Space Marines?
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^That's what I'm wondering too. If it's only skins that would be kinda weak. One (or maybe more) of those other mods included entire new story chapters.
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