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Discuss them elsewhere, but consolidate your download links here.

To start with, and bunch from an older ACG thread about downloads (pay, but cheap) (requires registration w/ cartographer's guild) <-3D! (w/ instructions!)

whole series at <- need to do a lot of work to trim/edge, but they are very, very good-looking (esp if you're a Warhammer fan) <- have to really dig thru old blog pages to find everything in this one <- lots of very, very good free DM resources, including dungeon tiles

Arctic Blast:    - Archive of old Wizard of the Coast Map-A-Week releases. Tons of images of RPG maps.

some very cool terrain here

I have found this site to be a tremendous source of names for a number of settings.

(Note you have to refresh the entire site to generate additional name lists in a category after generating the first.)

I just tried to find the D&D Next playtest materials I had downloaded last year, but they closed the playtest last December. If anyone is interested in seeing it, send me a PM and I'll see if I can find them.


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