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We all buy big packs with occasional duplicates, so how about a dedicated donation thread?

I'm ready to donate:  (All Steam keys)

Men of War - Bundle Stars
Men of War: Red Tide - Bundle Stars
Earth 2160 - Bundle Stars
Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise - Bundle Stars
AI War: Fleet Command

Can Gift through steam:

Updated:  1/4/14

Great idea! I'll check my Amazon and Humble Bundle collections.

Silent Disapproval Robot:

I've got Gamersgate keys for:

Commander: Conquest of the Americas
Grand Theft Auto III

here's my list so far:

Pride of Nations
Silent Hunter 5
Crusader Kings 2,
along with:
  Mongols DLC,
  Ruler Designer DLC,
  Songs of Albion DLC,
  Songs of Faith DLC,
  Songs of the Holy Land DLC
Majesty 2 collection taken
Majesty Gold HD
Warlock: Master of the Arcane
Victoria 2

I can't promise that just giving out the keys will work since some are Amazon bundle games but what the hel, I can give it a shot.

This is a great topic republic.  Thank you.  I've stickied it. 

Please keep this for donations only.  If you want to sell or trade, please post in the appropriate forum.

I've got:

Saints Row 2
Frozen Synapse
Civ V


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