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Started by GDS_Starfury, October 07, 2023, 07:14:32 AM

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Iranian dissidents have named the Mossad agent responsible as:  Eli Copter. 

Joke of the decade, though, no laughing matter the Telegraph article where it is taken from:  The death of Iran's president Raisi has exposed the sickness at the heart of the West  Madeline Grant:


Babylon Bee had an article today about how the Israelis revealed today that they had a new terraforming machine that could make mountains spring up out of nowhere.   :twirl:   Those guys find ways to crack me up everyday.


Biden's US taxpayer's $320 Million dollar pier is gone, at least most of it is.

Before stormy weather pic:

After stormy weather pic:

Aid reaching Gazans so far: 0

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Nice discussion of the successful raid into Gaza that resulted in the rescue of 4 of the 10/7 hostages.

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Bill Whittle and crew comment on the Gaza pier...

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