Templar Ruins: The Knights Fall project - soon on Kikckstarter

Started by Admiral Apocalypse, February 06, 2024, 01:44:44 PM

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Admiral Apocalypse

Hi everyone!

I'm new here but I'd like to present my most recent works to you all.
Since the post is also self-promoting I think this is the right sub-forum:)

I'm Jack from Admiral Apocalypse Miniatures and I model 3dprintable files for your ttrpg, adventures and wargames. I'm launching soon on Kickstarter a new project - Templar Ruins: The Knights Fall -

The project includes Templar Ruins and Raided Village themed STL files scaled to fit the 28mm/32mm scales

In addition, there will be Add-On from my previous project that you can check on my MyMinifactory Store

Project starts the 12th of February and you can grab them all at an unbeatable price!

Don't forget to sign up on the project page to get notified at launch :tophat:


Jack from Admiral Apocalypse Miniatures


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