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ANET HOBBY wargaming miniatures and 3d printed figures


Hello Everyone,   Nice to be here.

I hope you will like my work that I will be presenting here for sale. You are welcome to contact me for any query, I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible.
For more info on who I am, you can check or

See ya!

Troll and Draegloth from D'n'D universe.

Troll is $16 and Draegloth is $12.

Shipping is $8.


We have a visit from Star Wars Universe, the most famous Bounty Hunter Boba Fet!!!

Cost: $12 and Shipping $8

I really like how this one turned out, what are your thoughts guys?

Do you sell the .stl files by any chance?  8)

Hi, thanks for asking. At the moment not yet, but I plan to in the future. Is there something specific you would want? Let me know what you are interested in and maybe we can work it out.
Have a good one  O0


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