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Feedback on Review of World at War: Blood & Bridges


Mark Walker's game of combat dentistry is finally reviewed* by the incomparable Mr Eckenfels.  Tell us what you think!

* to be fair, it got here before the Panthers in the Fog reviewperware


Jack Nastyface:
Excellent review.  I gifted this game to a fellow grogheader a while back, and now I am (slightly) regretting it!  What I find most interesting (about the game and review) is that when I first looked at the game, I admit to being overwhelmed by all the numbers on the counters.  My gut instinct told me "Oh no! This will be worse than ASL!"  After reading the review, I see it definitely isn't as onerous.  Just goes to show you the value of good, insightful review.  Well done.


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