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Started by Adraeth, November 17, 2018, 11:05:14 AM

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In days grogheads forum was down i downloaded and tested the map editor;

i had a problem on the corners of the map editing, but that was my fault: i just made a line hoping the editor will fill the rest from the line to the corner edge, so no problem just my fault  ;)

i tried to upload a Marengo historical map and edited a battle map from it, just amazing.

I think the map editor is ok anyway i continue to test

Andy ONeill

There is a LOT of functionality in there.
I would say at least 20 times more complicated than the army editor.

I expect more bugs.
Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
We shall see.


A question:

does the engine provides triggers on map for reinforcements during battle?

or this belongs to the scenario editor?

Andy ONeill

Reinforcements are set in Scenario Editor.
There's a context menu for a unit and you set the turn that unit will enter the map.
It defaults to turn 0 ( obviously ).
Reinforcements don't necessarily appear on a map edge.