What the U.S. Army Wants in a Shooter Game

Started by DicedT, July 30, 2012, 08:18:15 PM

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Mike - I gotta pick on you for one thing you put in there:

Quotebut the Army has turned it into a jack-of-all-trades trainer for everything from cultural awareness to IED detection. The Army's new shooter game will be used for a lot more than shooting.

While the Army is using it for a variety of things, wasn't it the Marines that started most of the mods to VBS2?  The VCAT and ATLS software started w/ a USMC contract, and many of the initial mods came out of bolt-ons to the DVTE.
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Yep.  Paul Nichols over at PMTRASYS won't let forget it, either.  :) 


I haven't heard a peep about Marine gaming in a while (I think they're focusing on LVC now, and MARSYSCOM hits the roof if I dare to use the word "game"). So I just focus on the Army now.



Trasys & PEO Stri is working hand in hand on this effort. Basically what we ended up doing was leveraging the Australian MOD VBS-2, did a CTA and came up with the requirements for VBS-2/VTK. A critical function was the ability for a third party to link with VBS-2. That is were the ALTS (VRP) and IMT stuff came from.