Combat Mission in the Real World

Started by Jarhead0331, June 09, 2020, 08:25:17 AM

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How some of our favorite wargames are being used by real warfighters.
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Can't believe no one responded to this.

Trying to unpack what I just watched. Had to look up DSTL (the organization that posted the video) - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory which I believe is a component of the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence?  So what I'm seeing is the Lab assessing CM's suitability as a training tool?

Interesting that they have Slitherine and Matrix logos on the video - but not BFC.


Very interesting video.  Looks like the commercial customer will not get some of the features that this group has programmed for them.  Makes sense though as you don't want the secrets of military thinking to fall into the wrong hands.

I really liked those printouts of the map they were using to discuss their next steps.  I might have to try that out myself.
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There is a thread on the BFC forum about the video.  BFC Steve also made several comments in the thread.  Below, in italics, is parts of what Steve said.

Slitherine secured a contract with the British MoD with us on board as a subcontractor.

As you've all noticed already, from all outward appearances in the video Combat Mission is portrayed as a Slitherine product.  Outwardly, that is not inaccurate as we are a sub contractor to Slitherine.  At the government level that's just the way it is and we're absolutely fine with that.  We know who we are and so do you, so the lack of our logo or mention in MoD materials is not a problem for us.

Combat Mission is being used as an analytical tool to test various concepts (weaponry, organizations, tactical employment, etc.) using standard scientific methodology.  At least with the custom version we've made for Dstl.  Combat Mission is also separately being licensed "as is" for individual readiness purposes.

Direct contact with militaries has always gone nowhere because we lacked the muscle to deal with the bureaucracy.  Therefore, we've been trying to partner with various defense tied entities for years, but Slitherine is the first one that proved viable.  And we're quite happy with the arrangement.