GrogCast Season 3 is escaping into the wild!

Started by bayonetbrant, January 26, 2016, 03:38:16 PM

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Great episode guys  O0 I think you did banzai cat proud there Brant with the hosting , great job :) and yeah , getting older ,ouch , painful ! What I think though it's not so much the getting older bit that sucks , because honestly I wouldn't want to be stuck with the brain of a 21 year old forever , lol , but it's the looking older , omg , I hate aging !!!!!
great guests this week , you two guys were very entertaining I thought  8) it seems none of us will ever get the gaming time in we want unless we all get divorced or stay single  :2funny:  OR marry a fellow gamer !!!!  :crazy2:
Or maybe it's all about quality time not quantity , right ? ^-^
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The episode I missed while at work!  ::)

Banzai, from what I've heard FFG doesn't send review copies out to many people at all these days. A few of the absolute big boys, and that's it. We'll get there...eventually...