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CMANO - Surprise Party, 1989
« on: February 12, 2018, 10:58:34 AM »
Been away from CMANO for a while - but being an ex-submariner every once in a while I pull up the Community Pack scenario with the US SSN trying to sink Khaddaffi's tankers passing thru the Straits of Gibraltar to keep my feet wet. Fun scenario dealing with Libyan Kilos and surface patrol craft and hoping you have enough ordinance left to sink some of the tankers. But with the announcement of the upcoming CMANO standalone expansion "The Silent Service" I thought it was time to try another 688 scenario as warm up.

This one is also from the Community Pack and titled "Surprise Party, 1989". Basically you have the 688 Los Angeles and are tasked with protecting a CVBG transiting to the Norwegian Sea as it passes through your patrol area. From the scenario brief:



Wow, an entire CVBG's safety is my responsibility. No pressure…

I start towards the NW corner of my patrol area with no surface/subsurface contacts. My plan is to take a SSW course diagonally across the area alternating depth above and below the layer until I contact the CVBG coming from the west and/or detect submerged contacts. Occasionally I will perform baffle clear maneuvers to stay safe.


Soon after this Sonar announces "large group of surface contacts detected to the SSW." After a little more analysis it is determined this is the CVBG with identifications of an FFG, AOE, and CVN as well as other unidentified surface contacts further south.


Next some Helo's dipping/dropping sonobuoys are detected to the NNW of the CVBG. I inform the OOD we need to give the Helo's a wide berth to prevent them from inadvertently detecting and prosecuting us as a contact.


I decide to alter course and speed to get in front of the CVBG to carry out my mission to scout ahead of them.
With the CVBG located my primary task now is to look for enemy submerged combatants. I use a combo of sprint and drift and alternating above and below the layer to stay ahead of the CVBG while trying to find any Soviet submarines.
I wish I could deploy my towed array for better acoustic search but apparently the depth of water (700ft-900ft) is too shallow for its deployment. I will have to count on the Hull array.

Unfortunately, the Soviet's find the CVBG before we detect them. Sonar reports torpedoes in the water to the south and then explosions. Luckily the Soviet submarine targeted the Iowa (BB61) first, and she succeeds in decoying a number of torpedoes before being hit - and shrugging off major damage due to her armor. I order Battlestations and announce I have the Deck and the Conn.

Since none of the surface ships already identified were BBs I assume one of the surface contacts on the south side of the CVBG is the Iowa. But which and where is the Soviet sub? Watching the CVBG they all turn to the North and the Helo's move to the south of the CVBG so odds are the Soviet sub is south/on the other side of the CVBG from me. I order the Diving Officer to go deep and the Helm to increase speed to Full heading directly into the CVBG.

Once in the CVBG I order depth above the layer and slow to listen to what is going on. It appears the Soviet sub continued her attack on the Iowa based on reports but still no detection. I continue moving south thru the CVBG and slowing to give my sonar a better chance to detect the Soviet sub.

After a few minutes Sonar announces "submerged contact bearing 189 estimate 14nm. Designate Sierra-20." Since there are no other NATO submarines in the area, and the Iowa was just attacked, this sounds like our Soviet. We have a bearing and it appears at 14nm she may be moving off following her attack on the Iowa. My plan is to stay on this course a little longer to gather more sonar data then turn across her bearing to perform target motion analysis (TMA) to generate a better firing solution and close the range if possible.

A few minutes later Sonar changes everything - "Contact Sierra-20 classified SSN estimated range 3-5nm." Then seconds after that - "Sierra-20 has been classified as an Alfa class SSN". The contact is an Alfa and she is in the midst of the CVBG just like me - probably lining up her next attack. So much for spending time on TMA…


I order "Snapshot tubes 1 and 2 Sierra-20". Fire control enters the best solution from Sonar while the Torpedo Room fills/pressurizes/opens the outer doors of the tubes in less than a minute. Fire Control reports "Tubes 1 and 2 fired electrically" and later "both Torpedo's running hot and normal and wires intact." I order a turn to starboard to put us in a lag relationship with the Alfa to clear the torpedo bearing in case she counterfires.

The Alfa quickly detects the Mark 48's and starts turning away from them and increasing speed. Soon both us and the 48's are in her baffles and her speed is quickly increasing. With no detection of counterfire from the Alfa and since we are now in her baffles. I order a course pointed at the Alfa. With her increasing speed we are getting much better sonar data - an Alfa at speed sounds like a trash can rolling downhill I have heard. But while the sonar information is good, her speed advantage is starting to show. I order the Diving Officer to go deep and the Helm to increase speed to Flank. If our 48's miss or even just damage her we need to try to stay in range.

The Alfa quickly accelerates to her max speed of 42 Knots - the 48's in a stern chase at 55 knots - approx 13 knot closure. Meanwhile we slowly fall behind at our Flank speed of 32 knots. With this kind of speed differential the 2 48's are probably the only shot we will get at her. Hopefully at least one will hit/damage her so we can close for the kill. The only other submerged weapon we have is a nuclear subroc we could loft her way - but the CVBG just to the north of us would probably not appreciate a nearby submerged nuclear detonation…

The minutes tick by - the 48's are enabled and searching based on the 3nm solution entered but no detection yet. I am tempted to ask the XO/Fire Control "are we/they there yet." Finally after a few minutes Fire Control chimes out - "detect, detect, acquired." The first 48 has locked on to the Alfa. Then a few seconds later - "detect, detect, acquired. Both torpedoes have acquired the target." But even after acquisition it is still a 13 knot race - can the Alfa outrun the 48's fuel supply? Are we there yet?

Yes, we finally are…


And from Sonar - "explosion from the bearing of Sierra-20." Then "breaking up noises from the bearing of Sierra-20." The first torpedo hit and destroyed the target - we wasted a bullet. I hear the XO say "scratch one Alfa," and some of the Fire Control team trade high 5's. I say - "Good job people but stay sharp. Sonar, we will be slowing, coming above the layer, and clearing baffles to make sure the Alfa didn't have any friends."


After we finish checking the area for other Soviets I order the boat to PD and raise the radio mast to send our report and copy the broadcast. We then find out the CVBG was an audience for the entire event - an Alfa with the pedal to the metal, torpedoes in the water, and a 688 at flank speed right underneath you are hard to hide. We get the following message:


"Just another day at the office" I mumble…
And to everyone in Control I announce -  "Party's over Gentlemen, secure from Battlestations and resume Patrol."

Note - At first I was just running this scenario in the background while playtesting PCD Kursk, but after the Iowa was attacked things started getting interesting and I decided to create an AAR. I love that I can play CMANO this way - close to real-time and letting things run while doing other things. Kind of like real life - long spans of nothing/boredom and then moments of sheer terror. Like when I found out the Alfa wasn't at 14nm but 3nm range…

Can't wait for the release of CMANO "The Silent Service."


2x Mk48 Mod 4

1x PLA-705K Alfa [Lira]
10x 53-65A WH
2x Generic Acoustic Decoy

SIDE: USA (AI Convoy)

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Re: CMANO - Surprise Party, 1989
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2018, 11:00:44 AM »
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Re: CMANO - Surprise Party, 1989
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2018, 05:51:43 PM »
Bravo USS L.A. Good show indeed!  O0
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Re: CMANO - Surprise Party, 1989
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2018, 11:33:00 PM »
Great write up!

Thank you for including real-life phraseology in the AAR, please keep that up
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