Carrier Battles: Guadalcanal

Started by Silent Disapproval Robot, June 13, 2018, 03:58:59 AM

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Silent Disapproval Robot

I stumbled across this game in a post over on BGG.  I'd been looking for a Coral Sea/Guadalcanal air/sea based game and this one looked interesting enough for $6 so I grabbed it.  It's pretty good!  Very bare bones (really wish there were some sound effects) and some of the writing is a bit off (I don't think English is the dev's native language) but there's a lot of detail in there.  I've only done the Midway and Bismark Sea scenarios so far (each takes about an hour or so to play) and I find it quite engaging.  The game forces you to go through all the tutorials before it'll let you start a scenario but it's probably worth it.  I wish you could play the Japanese in single player but they're only available as playable in 2p games.  There are in-app purchases to add extra scenarios as well as unlock features such as dynamic weather, non-historical setups, etc.  I'll probably end up getting those as well.


Looks very nice, a PC version would be swell.



This app is going to evolve
- android, PC and Mac
- nice graphic design
- improved AI
- more scenarios
- more features

A kickstarter project has just bene laucnhed
Please come and support  :D

the creator


Hey Cyril! Welcome.

I've played the iOS game for some time now and love it. Great support from you too.

Will definitely be looking at the kickstarter!

Well done all around.  O0



And even if you have already the iPad version, it still makes sense to invest a bit to get the promised enhancement
I am delighted to work on new features such as advanced intelligence /fog of war or the Artificial Intelligence for US side but also looking for some improvement (using neural network ?)


I have spread the word over at "The Few Good Men" wargaming club - so fingers crossed we get to the goal and beyond.



Yesterday, the first level of 100 backers has been reached
There s sa little bonus for everyone