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Started by besilarius, April 02, 2019, 05:59:51 AM

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Going through New York City once, saw a deli stand in a bus station (Port Authority?).  They had all kinds of different, ethnic foods.  One was a blood sausage.  Never had come face to face with food using blood as an ingredient.
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25 Things That Everyone Needs to Eat & Drink in Belgium

#15 Blood Sausage Bloedworst (Pensen or Beuling) / Boudin


This is a type of meat sausage that, as the name goes, is mixed with blood (it also has breadcrumbs). The mention of 'blood' might scare you from this but give it a try! It's delicious in its own way; it is grilled, sauteed, barbecued or eaten raw and best served with potatoes and apple sauce.

This is one of our regional specialities !!  Food with blood is more widespread than you might think.