Matrix Games announce Command: Modern Operations (CMANO successor)

Started by al_infierno, September 03, 2019, 11:22:55 AM

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I have to admit being excited by the new Falklands DLC.

Will definitely pick it up in the very near future.
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Looks like a new big update, that now includes the game using 64-bit architecture and moved from DirectX 9 to Direct X 11, which is supposed to improve performance.  Kind of curious why not move straight to the latest DirectX 12, but I am sure there are reasons, probably to be more compatible with people's systems.


Just a theory, but since they also do a professional version, it may have something to do with trying to be compatible with government computer systems, which tend to be less than cutting edge.  They probably maximize their user base by keeping the specs down as low as possible.

I am playing a CMO scenario now, and it does seem to be running better
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