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Help Arrives! The new game in War Storm Series
« on: October 27, 2020, 10:56:39 AM »
Help Arrives! is a tactical strategy game, the fifth in the War Storm Series (WSS), covering the Spanish Civil War and the international units that participated in the conflict: CTV, international brigades, the Condor Legion and Soviet aid and much more. The game is now available on Kickstarter.

From a military point of view, the Spanish Civil War presaged the global conflict which would soon erupt. In the mid-1930s, military high commands from all over the globe theorized on the possibilities of motorized armies and “lightning war”. Both Nazis and Soviets rehearsed armored tactics in Spain, and tested various types of weapons. In addition, the importance that air superiority would have on all later conflicts was made clear. All of these elements make the Spanish Civil War a fascinating conflict from an historical point of view and with regard to military strategy.

Help Arrives! (HA) is a stand-alone game in the War Storms series 100% compatible with A las Barricadas! although this is not a new edition of that game: it includes different units, different scenarios and new rules and some of these scenarios are organised into Campaigns: Madrid, Guadalajara and the Ebro, among others.

The game includes the updated version 2.1 of the standard rules of the WSS system.

Help Arrives has a moderate complexity with good solitaire suitability. The system emphasizes the role of officers. Officers can activate units, coordinate with other officers and their units, call for artillery support, air support, influence moral checks, coordinate assaults, and much more. Rules for special actions.

Infantry units in the game represent groups of between 30 and 40 soldiers, weapons units represent groups of 3-4 weapons and their accompanying crews (20-25 soldiers), and the AFvs-Transports representing groups of 3 to 5 vehicles and their corresponding crews. Scenarios are divided into turns representing about 12-15 minutes of action, and each turn is divided into the following phases: Command Phase, Initiative Phase, Activation Phase and Marker Removal Phase.

In Help Arrives! you are in command. Your troops, whether they are enthusiastic militiamen or the best tanks of the time, will live or die according to your choices.Take advantage of the terrain and capabilities of your troops. Manoeuvre with cunning before you get to close quarters.

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