Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe assassinated

Started by steve58, July 08, 2022, 08:04:13 AM

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Huh. I had heard the shooter didn't really disagree with Abe's politics (per the police report), but that still left a motive up in the air.

Which smacked to me of Yakuza politics, so to speak.

The idea that Yamagami wanted to shoot a Moonie leader (for scamming his mother and thus his family into bankruptcy) but couldn't because that was too difficult, so shot Abe instead, seems ludicrous by Western standards of security, but as noted above maybe he really did have more of a shot.

The (anonymous?) twitter feed with that ShingetsuNews article is interesting, with suggestions that the new PM had plenty of motive to encourage someone to take out Abe.
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I am pretty certain Abe was not a Moonie. However, Abe did cultivate Moonies as a reliable voting block, and was therefore friendly toward them. Moonies being pretty tightly connected to South Korea, are generally pretty anti-North and anti-Chinese communist. So they would have gravitated toward Abe's hawkish tendencies. 

I got the impression from one news report that Abe's campaign stop that day had only been inserted into the schedule the previous day. So not a bunch of time for pre-planning on the assassin's part. 
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Quote from: Silent Disapproval Robot on July 08, 2022, 04:21:45 PM
I guess his last speech at Davos calling certain pharmaceuticals into question and touting a strong, independent Japan may not have gone over well.  Seems a bit tinfoily to me but then again, what was tinfoil 2 years ago seems to be true today.
Given what is going on with "The Great Reset", the Green agenda, and Agenda 2030 you may be right. Abe was very pro Japan, an internationalist, but not a globalist. Was he removed as an obstacle to WEF plans? Who knows? Maybe? It's not as though such things have never happened in the past  when the stakes were high enough.

During the Covid thing ordinary people with dissenting or questioning views were shut down by government and big tech. National leaders are harder to censor. A few African leaders who opposed Big Pharma conveniently died at this time. I don't know if there was foul play or not, but the timing of the deaths is very convenient for the Davos agenda's.

Now there's a lot of weird shit going on with government policy and farming in Europe and the UK that defy logic given global food shortages and supply chain issues that were going on well before Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Odd too that Bill Gates is BTW now the largest owner of farmland in the USA. I wasn't aware he was really into agriculture, but his "Beyond Meat" products fit very nicely into the Davos Green agenda. Enjoy your Bug Burgers! :o

This is all speculation, but as we now know by now the difference between a conspiracy theory and a fact seems to be about six months! ^-^

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