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Started by Probus, October 16, 2022, 11:12:05 AM

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New to Grogheads and new to War Room.  Does anyone have any suggestions for playing the Brits in Larry Harris' War Room.  This is my first real game of it (6 player) and it is quite overwhelming to say the least.



Sorry I can't help as I'm not familiar with this game, but it looks awesome!
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SirAndrewD can't fight in here...
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Brits are probably the toughest nation to play.  You've got a presence everywhere but it's always weak.

1) Beware of a turn 2 German invasion of England.  Try to get the US player to bring over as much air power as they can on turn 1 to help discourage this.

2) Fight like hell to hold on to N. Africa.  If the Italians manage to dislodge you, you'll never get it back and will likely lose Iraq and India as well as giving the Germans an alternate attack route to Caucasus. 

3)  You'll end up having to give ground somewhere.  This is largely dependent on what the Italians and Japanese do.  India seems to be the one likeliest to get the chop when we play as the Brit player pulls those troops out in order to strengthen Africa.


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That looks so cool. Is it any good played solitaire?
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Nope.  It uses a bidding system for initiative and secret written orders so solo is a no-go.  It's a fun game and a real attention grabber when it's on the table but it's looooonnnnggg for what it is.  A full game with 5-6 players is going to run 6-8 hours.