But a black cat just crossed my FRIDAY

Started by CJReich46, January 13, 2023, 08:24:39 AM

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It being a Friday the 13th, and the passing of Jeff Beck this week at 78 (one of my favorite guitarists) and this being probably the first time I've posted the Friday thread, I thought I'd post two songs by Jeff Beck  - One fitting the occasion, and the other well, you know... :sad:

So gaming? I am going to grab Dwarf Fortress and soundtrack, maybe get back in Fallout 3.

Off today - working Saturday afternoon, and then Sunday morning.

You Grogs have a good one.
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Man what a crazy week. Lisa Marie Presley, Jeff Beck, Robbie Bachman, and Tatjana Patitz...gone. Life is fragile folks.

I'll be diving back into Escape from Tarkov and some Vampire Survivors. Maybe World of Warships for good measure.

Be safe and take it easy grogs!

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I'll continue my journey into Stalker GAMMA. Its really brutal and really frustrating. I did find a Fallout 4 mod pack that replicates stalker type play so I will see how that goes.

I reloaded Distant Worlds 2 so I'll give some love to that game as well.

Enjoy your Weekend!!!


RIP to Beck, I did not realize he was 78.

Totally switching gears, pun intended, from medieval strategy to sci-fi as I needed a serious break.

So I am finally firing up Gears 5, Gears: Tactics,  Nebulous Fleet Command, Terminator: Resistance, MechWarrior 5 and perhaps even some Emperor of the Fading Suns.

If any of you fine grogs have a newer, go-to, space-faring 4x game besides Stellaris, I would like to hear about it.
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Sir Slash

Friday the 13th and I got called for Jury Duty.  :doh:   Luckily for me, they took one look at me and sent me back home. I wonder if the Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry T-shirt I was wearing had anything to do with it? Solasta and football for me. Have a great weekend Grogs.
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Looks like we got a new forum setup.  I like what I see so far so I will be playing around with Grogheads Forum this weekend for sure.

As for gaming:

Diofield Chronicles
American Truck Simulator
Heroes & Generals
and maybe some UFO 2: Extraterrestrials
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Getting my butt kicked in Combat Mission: Cold War tournament.  Working on BoC.  Finishing up some description files for CMO to be released in the next update.  Maybe, just maybe, some FoG Empires for fun.
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Dammit Carl!

Danged if I know what I'm going to monkey with.  Recent TTRPG kerfluffle has me wanting to nerd out and read books this weekend, to be honest.


- Company of Heroes Multiplayer Tech Demo (this can be played vs the AI as well via custom game)
- DCS possibly
- War of Rights maybe.
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Pete Dero

Panzer Campaigns Scheldt '44 and/or Shadow Empire.

Have a nice weekend.


Will be playing 'freezing my ass off' at the Jags playoff game tonight.

Sir Slash

"Take a look at that". Sgt. Wilkerson-- CMBN. His last words after spotting a German tank on the other side of a hedgerow.


^I read it's going to be in the 30s at that game. Welcome!  :coffee: 
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Sir Slash

What's it gonna be for the Buffalo game tomorrow?  :HideEyes:
"Take a look at that". Sgt. Wilkerson-- CMBN. His last words after spotting a German tank on the other side of a hedgerow.

Dammit Carl!

Quote from: Sir Slash on January 14, 2023, 03:19:43 PMWhat's it gonna be for the Buffalo game tomorrow?  :HideEyes:

Negative a hundred, doubtlessly.