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Meta Quest Pro

Started by Jarhead0331, March 19, 2023, 06:41:13 AM

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Picked up a meta quest pro after the recent price drop. It was still pretty expensive, but I heard very good things. The prospect of the pancake lenses and the color-pass through camera were attractive features and the controllers are supposedly very good too. Some people argue it is superior to the Reverb G2, but it won't be as clear as my varjo aero. It should have a much larger sweet spot though (basically the entire image) due to the pancake lenses.

In any event, I sold my Rift S to help defray the cost and I think I'm most depressed about that. That headset has served me well. It was a top first generation headset and although I'll miss it, technology has simply passed it by and it was time to retire it. Divest to reinvest!

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Still enjoying my quest 2, not the pro version but serves me well....looking forward to the next version, rumored to release later this year.