New high-commitment no-diplomacy games

Started by Chelubey, November 24, 2013, 05:43:13 AM

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I'd like to see new high-commitment no-diplomacy dominions 3 games.
If someone is interested in such type of games - please drop a reply in this thread.
With heavy drop of dom3 community it is going to be very hard to organize such a game.
I'll make similar announcement on several other dom3 forums, so even if there will be just several volunteers here, it would be a step forward.

Warning - such games are not newbie-friendly, so if you don't have such experience, you'd better learn/ask/realize what is it about, to be certain that you would like to take part in it.
Actually this warning applies to everyone: higher than average devotion is needed. Without discussions, forum rants and chats (due to no-diplomacy) participants should have strong inner motivation to go.


It is too early to say about particular form of the game.
True no-diplomacy games are anonymous.
But anonymity makes the choice of nations tricky.
Maybe RAND game (randomly assigned nations, with 1 or two chances to reroll), maybe AND game (players receive one of nations they requested).
If there will be lack of volunteers to run full scale game - trust-based no-diplomacy game can be considered (3-6 participants).

Honestly my intention is not purely to organize/admin no-diplomacy a game, but rather to take part in such a game:).
So ideally there will be even two games, and I would take part in one of them. (Whether things are well-organized and settled, it won't be that hard to find non-playing admin for the other one).


True high-commitment requires filters on skill level of participants,
In very heterogeneous skill-wise games one's success or failure may depend more on placement of players than all your efforts. If you are newbie - you won't stand much chance against early rush of some veteran player. If you are experienced player, you may find yourself behind despite all your efforts not because you made mistakes, but because your competitor(s) jumped on some inadequately easy prey who collapsed quickly.
It is why inhomogeneity of skills goes in contradition with "high-commitment" idea of the game.

However necessity to impose certain level restrictions appears to be additional problem to start such a game (especially nowadays).
Too many requirements:
(1) Intention to play "high-commitment", rather then "casual".
(2) Intention to go "no-diplomacy"
(3) Skill level required.

Also I'd say highly motivated lesser experienced (in comparison with others) participant is way better for the game than some unreliable experienced and skilled one.
So (1) and (2) are an absolute must, but (3) is something I'd like to see, but this limitation is something what can be sacrificed or reduced if needed.

P.S. Also this game (or these games), if there will be one, will be hosted on Desura.


Surprisingly there are a still a lot of dom3 players around (more than I expected).
Rally for high-commitment no-diplo games on Desura ( ) will seemingly produce even THREE new dom3 high-commitment no-diplomacy games.

Here is a newbie-skill game of this kind:
Recruitment there will be opened a few more days (like 2 more, mainly three).
Join if you'd like to take part in this (quite special!) type of dom3.

There will be likely two 'intermediate' dom3 games, but threads for them are not created yet.