300 Gold for changing your World of Tanks password

Started by Greybriar, April 11, 2014, 07:31:03 AM

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Wargaming.net is having a Change Your Password Event: "In order to improve security due to recent events and to maintain account integrity for all of our players, Wargaming is supplying a one-time installment of 300 gold to each player that successfully updates their account password...."

At least 300 gold will buy a new garage slot (two if they are on sale).
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Thanks again Greybriar for the info.
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Don't need any more tank slots but I might use the gold to put some permanent camo or military insignia's on 1 or 2 tanks like the T-34/85 and my other favorite tank the Pz38t.
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Thanks GB. I will be sure to log in this weekend.
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