Rhodesian Cover Shooting

Started by bayonetbrant, July 13, 2012, 01:13:58 PM

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Excellent article about adapting a bush-warfare technique to digital games.


QuoteThe Rhodesian Cover Shooting is a fire tactic used with the objective of "killing the enemy without seeing him or locating his exact position first." Not suppressive fire, not "spray and pray" but rather a fire oriented at likely enemy positions which are chosen by the shooter based in his knowledge of the tactics, procedures and shortcomings of the adversary. This type of fire is widely known after its use by the Rhodesian Light Infantry to fight terrorists in the bushes during the Rhodesian War.

Go read and check out the screenshots.  A very good analysis of how a real world tactic does/n't work in a digital game.
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Awesome.  Thanks for posting.
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Yes, thanks for sharing it. I tried to read the pdf linked in the story but all I got was a blank page. Very frustrating. I said to my self "Self, this will not do..." so I was able to track down a clean link and added it to my google docs. Oddly enough, after that I was unable to create a working link to post. I have the PDF if anyone needs it though.
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