Can't Paste to new subordinate

Started by CraigTM, August 20, 2018, 05:13:46 PM

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Clicking the paste button won't paste selected unit to a new subordinate. When I try to delete the subordinate unit, after deselecting the copy unit, the editor closes. I successfully pasted multiple units, but this one has failed several tries. Not a big issue for me, but thought you should know.

Andy ONeill

There was a problem with deleting on a saved army file.

The IDs of units were getting reset on save file.
That isn't particularly apparent until you delete because it's delete which goes and finds the "parent" based on Id.
It is of course expecting to find exactly one CO for a given unit.
Instead once you re-load a saved army it would find multiple entries and error.

That problem will be in any saved army files prior to version 0.2018.08.21.
Only new army files created using the version I have at the moment will be OK.

I think if you renumber ids it might fix the numbering issue on saved army files.