Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front Trucks,supplies,repair

Started by apa, August 13, 2020, 06:14:30 PM

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first question :I'd just like to send tanks for repair behind the line.Only the red ones are lit by the units. I would like to leave the green ones there? HOW?
Is this unit cut in half, or can they not be separated and the whole unit has to be sent completely to the repair department?

second question :Do they fix everything, how long must it be in range, and how do I know?

the third question :after the battle sometimes I can and sometimes it doesn't work at all. Replace the unit with a spare.In 1980, there was a mouse, and you could drag anything anywhere, and you could clearly select and click through the menu.There is just one click on the unit in the game and it disappears or is replaced. I don't know what is going on.I want to choose which unit to put there.It is not written at all what is happening to the unit or where it went.I have no idea after many years how to replace the units and why.

fourth question:how to supplement men?
There were 30 people in the platoon. Now only 20 after the battle.Just wait within reach of the supply trucks and they replenish themselves?Or do I have to somehow press the mouse to complete them manually?(and how)



No, sorry. I tried Graviteam gameplay and just got stuck. I'm sure there are others that would be able to help you out.


Welcome apa!

Unfortunately I am afraid I can't be of any help either. Never played the Graviteam games, but i am sure someone with knowledge will chime in soon.
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