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Ancient Artifacts: Minoans - YouTube Video
« on: July 20, 2021, 10:01:02 AM »

So, I am the guy who makes historical videos on the Totem Games game developer channel, but primarily I am a military historian and author of articles and books (three, actually). I love Age of Steam ships a lot, but my passion for ancient world history started as a kid. This love has defined my past and present and touches almost every aspect of my life. I like studying human history, but I like talking about it even more. That is what I would like to do on the HISTORIA MAXIMUM YouTube channel and present to you my first video: Ancient Artifacts: Chieftain Cup (Minoan Civilization).

This ancient Minoan artifact is important for understanding the role of men and violence in Minoan society and the structure of power, and testifies to the origins of monarchy in Europe.

I really appreciate your attention, support and just 5 minutes of your time.
Thank you!