RIP Franco Harris

Started by Grim.Reaper, December 21, 2022, 07:39:54 AM

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Sad day for Steeler Nation, which I am a big fan...Franco passed away, just a couple of days before all the celebration around the Immaculate Reception.


For some of the younger crowd here: This is the play that Franco made:

For those of us who grew up in the 70's we spoke about this play for years....
Fair winds and following seas, Franco... O:-)
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Sir Slash

I was a Raiders fan back then and purely hated everything Steelers.  >:(  But he was a great player and his passing is sad news indeed.
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Former running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Franco Harris, passed away at age 72.
He was a Hall of Fame running back who passed away just a few days before the N.F.L. celebrated the 50th anniversary of one of its most enduring plays.
President Joe Biden's remark on Franco Harris' death can be found at


Wow, that sad. 

One of the great ones.
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FarAway Sooner

I always hated the Steelers as a kid, but I had to respect Franco Harris.  RIP, sir.