Norbsoftdev (Waterloo & Gettysburg) Future Plans

Started by Grim.Reaper, January 29, 2023, 05:54:17 PM

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I know it was discussed in the past that Matrix stopped selling these games, but I don't recall if there was additional discussion on what their plans were going forward.  If there was another post discussing them, I missed it:)

But in any event, there is a running post at their forums and appears the general direction is to re-release all their games with enhancements, optimizations, and new features (such as using Steam for Multiplayer).  First re-release they are working on is Waterloo.  Seems like they will do early access releases on steam to experiment with users and get feedback.  Although they don't have a steam page up yet, seems like we might not need to wait extremely long before we start seeing something.

It will be interesting to see what they do with pricing (they mention being fair) with existing customers but just glad they are going to continue evolving.


Gettysburg is easily one of my favorite games of all time.  Playing it using the courier system is just amazing.
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Already had Waterloo on Steam, and picked up Gettysburg for a good price before it left Matrix.  No regrets, and will gladly support Norb's future endeavors.


Using Steam to set up multiplayer, if that's possible, would be worth a moderate upgrade price at least!  :cool:
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I really like that they are updating it. My most fervent wish would be for better terrain and trees. That is for the most part what really let the game down imho. It was hard to see what terrain was where and the ground textures did their best to swallow everything else in their huge pixelated grotesqueness.

"Re: Scourge of War Update
Post by norb » Sun Dec 11, 2022 2:05 pm

Our 'plans' are to fix waterloo first. By fix we mean to greatly improve performance and integrate steam into MP. There will be other fixes and changes. Once we have Waterloo 'fixed and improved' we will work on GB. We want them to both use the same engine. The team are all players, they want the game to be great and will certainly add new content and other improvements. Not to mention lots of more minor fixes for quality of life. Another great addition is a graphics coder to hopefully fix all my crappy graphics code. We believe that performance is going to be greatly improved when we are finished. I should not say this, but I will. The version we are currently working with runs around 10fps faster then the released version :)"
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I really enjoy Scourge of War: Gettysburg,Chancellorsville,Antietam, Brandy Station, and Pipe Creek. These games are a sequel to "Take Command: Bull Run and Second Manassas". (Still available Steam) .  There are plenty of mods, maps, and scenarios too

I like the game's emphasis on taking command. It's is not control of individual units (although you certainly can) but rather command as Army general  all the way down to a brigade level that I like. Reminds me of my other fav Command Op 2.

I also like the game's HITS (optional) mode or "Headquarters In The Saddle."  When playing in HITS mode, your viewpoint is locked to your general, and all orders are issued to your subordinate commanders via couriers. It's gives unique first-person view  from the 3D game map that is immersive for a WG.