First World War Campaigns & Modern Campaigns 4.03 Updates

Started by Strela, March 13, 2023, 10:00:59 PM

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Hi everyone,

Wargame Design Studio is continuing the roll out of the 4.03 updates. Today we have First World War Campaigns & Modern Campaigns updates. This is the same level Philippines '44 released at.

See todays Blog post for more details, not only one what's included in this updates but how our version numbering system works. This round, we believe, catches the loose ends that came out of the 4.01/4.02 round of updates towards the end of the year.

This update cycle will continue for another week or two as the remainder of the Panzer Campaigns series is brought up to speed.

Looking ahead, we have a pretty full pipeline...more updates are rapidly nearing completion as well as a new game here in the first half of the year. So keep an eye on our site for loads more great wargaming content!