World in flames ai beta test

Started by Grim.Reaper, May 10, 2023, 08:35:53 PM

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Wow...thought I would never see this day when they would actually release an ai.  Can sign up to be a beta tester.  This was likely my single worst purchase from matrix, for how much I paid the game was a mess and they missed countless promises after release.  The technology was already old when it was released, curious to see how this works.  Maybe if decent, something I'll finally play.


That was completely unexpected. I bought it many years ago on sale, and never expected that I would see an AI.
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Quote from: ArizonaTank on May 10, 2023, 09:23:31 PMThat was completely unexpected. I bought it many years ago on sale, and never expected that I would see an AI.

Me too, very surprised as I bought on release back in 2013, hard to believe has been 10 years.  I certainly applaud the developer for continuing work on this but will have to be something special for me to get real excited about it.  They also said a lot during release that didn't happen or took an extremely long period of time.  Beyond the condition of release, it was further frustrating as it was released as the highest price game at the time and if I recall initially required you to buy the physical version which had a series hardback manuals.....pretty sure I paid $110-$120 for it because it also had a higher shipping price.  With all the years passed and likely changes, I wonder how accurate the books are nowadays?  Believe they also teased early on that even though AI wasn't coming with the original release, that it would be coming in a reasonable time afterwards.  I was certainly willing to pay it but the game was released in bad shape and even without the issues it was very apparent the game had been in development for a long time using older development tools/design that aren't exactly modern.

We'll see how the beta goes and if/when it ever gets released...again nice to see them take a swing at this and regardless of the past I do hope it works and I can actually play it.  And I hope if they do end up releasing the AI they don't ask any more money from the people who originally bought this game.


Last I heard. Which admittedly was a very long time ago...the game had all kinds of issues so an ai would have been of less interest to most than the game actually working. Did it ever get fixed ?
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No idea on the overall bugginess of this game as I gave up monitoring a long time ago.  Certainly seems like patches have been released but no idea whether critical issues remnain.


I have a whole cardboard box of maps and manuals for WIF=PC. My brother gave it to me for Christmas long ago thinking it had AI. I am a big fan of the boardgame and always favored the third edition rules with a few of the fourth edition improvements. It has been so long I really cannot remember much except that.

If they do get an AI going I will be pleased. I hope it happens before I die. Sixty-six and counting...
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