Stargate: Timekeepers

Started by steve58, October 29, 2023, 04:29:28 PM

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FarAway Sooner

I've often wondered why nobody ever acquired this IP to devise a computer game or a board game?  I'm curious to try the demo but find I never get much traction out of RTS games unless they are VERY slow moving.

The shows' emphasis on small-unit tactics would have led itself wonderfully to an X-COM type TBS, where limited resources would keep a "campaign game" manageable (in terms of tech and an inability to move more than a very small supply of personnel or materiel through a single Stargate that requires massive power to open for 30 minutes at a time).

You wouldn't even need to use the actual IP from the show to make it a feasible strategy game.  Just a simple "Intestellar Teleportal" linking terrestrial worlds together could make for all sorts of interesting scenarios and strategic possibilities.  If somebody wants to throw in Daleks, Cylons, reptilian Visitors, Imperial Stormtroopers, or Alien Invaders a la X-COM, it'd be easy enough to do!


Hell, imagine if they could have a halfway decent small squad tactical ground and space combat system.

Mash together Master of Orion and Xcom but obviously both portions would be a little less fleshed out / intensive.
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FarAway Sooner

Sure.  The fact that bases on remote planets could never be very big because of the limited ability to move people and materiel makes for a very plausible game that does not immediately turn into "4x in Space".  And the "asymmetrical warfare" aspect as you try to build out a presence among the stars without alerting the much more powerful enemy aliens to your emerging knowledge and power also keeps your off-world presences small.  (as does the need to conceal the this intergalactic travel from most of the rest of the world)

All of which makes small-unit battles more relevant and immersive.  As much as I enjoyed the X-Com story line, it was really never plausible to me that 10-15 soldiers could readily thwart an alien menace that was capable of taking over an Earth with 4+ billion people on it (when the original X-COM was made).