Half Sword - Single Player 15c Slasher - STEAM DEMO

Started by Destraex, November 11, 2023, 06:58:24 PM

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A very interesting game that has you trying to collect items of kit in a poorly lit setting. You have to fight the people you find with left and right mouse buttons being held down to indicate the arm you want to swing with. This shows a lot of promise because it seems to give you complete freedom of action physically when swinging, which is what I have wanted back since war of the roses. Most slashers simply have you pressing keys and waiting for animations to finish. Shame it's not multiplayer.

Your aim of course would be to equip yourself in full 15c knightly regalia. My favourite period for armour actually.

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I assume holding down left button raises your shield for defensive purposes whilst pressing and holding right button let's you swing your axe in an attack?
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Left and right mouse button held down alternately while swinging the mouse is left and right hand movement. Holding ALT down and swinging mouse is for thurst. It's very rag doll.
"They only asked the Light Brigade to do it once"