Gray Zone Warfare: the Game

Started by MengJiao, May 26, 2024, 06:32:53 AM

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This came out on steam recently as a pre-Alpha (whatever that means).  For me at least it runs
well.  I'm sure they will fix the game up so that people like me won't have as much fun running around
randomly scavenging things with no more gear than what they can carry in their pockets, but for now, it's
pretty perfect. 
Oh so...what's so good about it?  Nice landscape.  Fun helicopter rides that you can just jump on and go
where-ever.  Cool selection of weapons and such.  Reasonable ways to sell your loot.
Rather interestingly calibrated enemies: the locals (ie the AI) have Czech police SMGs in areas near the newbie
base areas.  Off in the hills they have AK-47s and body armor.
Theoretically there are other factions you can PvP against.  I'm in the Malang restoration project faction as Langford, but I haven't seen anybody from the other two factions, Crimson Sheild (from Russian Georgia and Georgia Georgia I guess?) and Mithras (still worshiping bull like a good roman?)