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Started by Ian C, June 04, 2024, 10:28:00 AM

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Ian C

Looks interesting, demo available.

"Build and conquer in Kaiserpunk, the ultimate city builder and grand strategy combo set in an alternative 20th century world. Engage in epic battles on land, sea, and air, or use your economic power to emerge as the ultimate victor."


^On my wish list.

слава Україна!

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Played the demo not really what I was expecting, would call it just another city builder but the added combat, although generic, does give it some added value. I don't think I'd buy it but will watch the reviews on release and see if my min changes.


I did play the demo, and while I like the setting inter-war alternate history, it's not bad but as a city builder it's very clunky. If I turned off motion blur it kept turning it back on. Graphic settings needed a bit more work but given my machine is aging, maybe it was just me, I don't really know.

Tutorial needs a ton of work. There were moments in Raptor's playthrough where he needed electricity to power his smelters etc. There is nothing that explains how you set that up, and Oh by the way did you know you can't build a coal powered power plant yet? Again, there is a lot of improvements that are needed. I did like how resources can be salvaged from ruined locations, that gives you a boost in production.

I liked the decisions it gives you a bit of RP, in that your decisions have consequences; permit the defeated bandits to get away, you see them reinforcing a territory you need to conquer.

Combat was okay, still it needs work, and developers are aware of that part.

What I would like to see is:

1. Resizable mini-map. (see #4 for why)
2. More clarification on supply chains, how depots work. I like the idea though.
3. Housing requirements - as in the Classic City builders you have requirements to evolve your housing. In the demo there were Laborers and Manufacturers. The laborers were your miners, farmers, wood cutters, manufacturers were the ones working in the factories. But they each used different houses. They should have clarified how to get their morale up
4. I don't need my hand held in tutorial land, but if I gotta place sub stations, how do they link up? How does water work, do I need a pump then at a certain distance before I place a water tower?
5. Last thing- If I make the required goals at a stage then check them off. When I was trying to do the "Clear the bandits" mission, I did almost all of the locations but I couldn't find them to see what I missed. That needed to be made more clear, and it was frustrating.

Overall, I think it has potential, I think the devs can get this one to work. It's a bit of an odd duck but it is interesting and fun.
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