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Started by undercovergeek, June 28, 2024, 04:01:06 AM

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A song from my misspent 80s youth

This weekend there'll be workers and resources 1.0 - I have just spent 6 hours fixing my water supply problem - I don't know whether that makes me happy or sad

I'll try a new map on WARNO with a new Russian deck - thinking a recon force with hind support

Also looking at diving back into eu4 after all the medieval shenanigans in Civ6
Still a bit burned out on Civ 6 after a non stop week last week but might fire it up with a new nation

There's a hole in my gaming that only sea power can fill but it still seems a mile off


Will be watching soccer/football during the weekend evenings (Switzerland's playing tomorrow against Italy)!

Will continue playing my first Humankind full campaign. Will probably also continue my Civilization 6 game with the Celts. Would love to install and try the new city-builder i bought: El Dorado.

Happy weekend


Rainbow in the Dark FTW.

I'll try the IL-2 stuff I acquired this week.


1100AD mod (R2TW) wrap up as the Ayyubids, Knights of Honor 2 (probably as Oman) and Field of Glory: Kingdoms futzing.

слава Україна!

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Since I've been reading 19 Minutes to Live, I've got a hankering for air assault and helicopter warfare. I've gone back to playing Leave No One Behind, a game that was so much better than it had any right to be. I wish the developers had continued to work on it and expand it...still a lot of fun to play. Will most likely also play DCS Kiowa and some Campaign Series Vietnam with the new beta patch that dropped yesterday.
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Pete Dero

Fields of Glory Kingdoms and maybe a return to X4 Foundations (with the new 7.0 update).


First, working tonight. Off Saturday and Sunday is gonna suck because it is the beginning of the new Quarter, AND it's Back to School  :uglystupid2:

So, after watching Kikoskia on Twitch Wednesday afternoon do a play through (and another streamer I like Bittomann) both play 40K Boltgun, and it looks like a blast so I decided since Game Pass has it, why not?

So downloaded that- really enjoying it.  I'm on the 3rd level 1st chapter- kind of stumbling through on Initiate. But I might restart because its fun.

Had to re-download Darkest Hour on Gamersgate only to be confronted with corrupted install issues, and since their tech support plainly sucks. Seriously, clicking "Ignore" every 30 seconds to skip to the next file? It. Took. HOURS to install. So I looked at GOG (1.99?- Yep- Done. Plus it's patched and 1.06 is coming!)

So with that, I decided to pay Emperor ROTMK a visit, instead of a campaign I decided to sandbox it. It was to experiment with a simple block idea that is more "realistic" for a city. Instead of blocks of houses just use roads to be more "natural" they're small blocks that work really well. Plus I was able to achieve "perfect harmony" in Feng Shui, which is a important mechanic. It improves your city's reputation. I was pleasantly surprised how it worked, unemployment, food stocks etc were manageable as well.

I know there's a Steam sale, plus GOG sale but payday is next week as I have rent due this Mon, so it's hmmm let's see?


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Working nights this weekend so not much gaming. Some co-op in Deep rock galactic and Gunfire reborn, maybe some Abiotic factor solo or in a friend's world.


A few shots of Geekenstok

Farming project -

The farm complex -

Hardcore construction storage -

The construction yards and vehicle depots -

The aggregate storage area and track building yard -

Train distribution yard, currently empty as trains are loading crops, unloading alcohol, food and clothes at border -

The food, fabric and alcohol factories -

Where everyone lives -


Baldurs Gate 3 has it's hooks in me for the first time.

Around that some quick Slay the Spire runs and have a quick scope out of my sale purchases.

Link to Field of Glory Empires MP forum with Slitherine Games


Steel Division 2 - 2 new maps just announced for this baby. Gotta be happy with that. Grabbed the new division packs.
Sins of a Solar Empire 2 - Enjoying this, at the beginning the gameplay is suspenseful and intensely interesting. Late game against the AI is just island hopping with a standard build each time. You have one massive fleet that either roles them or you. It becomes a bit of a drag at that stage as the A.I. can attack you from two different directions with full fleets. Unless you are TEC Loyalists with twin fortresses, garrisons and the planet perk to give you 20 extra military slots you just get steam rolled. You cannot afford not to use your full fleet to attack which leaves you nothing in defence.
Squad maybe
Deep Rock Galactic
Star Citizen.

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Rainbow in the Dark  :Dreamer:

As an emptynester for second year running, I've set up my vinyl system again in one of the rooms now available. I still have the original Holy Di... Friday, and of course I do, but what I was not expecting was it to be in such great condition still.

I recently purchased the HumminGuru ultrasonic record cleaner as well, and what ever mock there may have been in the vinyl surface, it cut Straight Through the Heart of them, it is all Invisible now.

Bought Microprose's Regiments from Steam sale. Glad to see that gaming brand in action again. Stand Up and Shout!

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Shadow Empire.

The odds and ends I bought on the Steam sale will just have to wait next to the stuff from last year's Steam sale (and before). I can't get away from a couple of truly great games to try out many new things.
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