Not Impressed with Gamefly

Started by son_of_montfort, January 30, 2012, 10:57:14 PM

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Well, I have to say, I booted up my "new" Gamefly account (as in, my Direct2Drive account that was force migrated to the new Gamefly owners) and I'm a less than impressed. The majority of my previous purchases are missing (I only have about 5 of my 20 some games) and the download speed is atrocious! Now they said they were still migrating all of the games and purchases, so I anticipate the first problem will work itself out (at least I hope I don't lose access to so many of my games) but who can tell about the download speeds?

I'm also not enthused about having ANOTHER client to DL my games.

I'm having quite the quandary. From the looks of it, I probably won't be using Gamefly to make future purchases, unless they get their act together in a big way. This sucks, because I really liked Direct2Drive and found they had reasonable prices. Further, I have been having download issues with Gamersgate for the past two or so weeks. I've been talking with Customer Service, but they only email me once per day and they take the weekend off, so fixing my problem has been a fairly low priority for them. I'm 90% sure the problem is on their side, given that I've tried to DL games on my account using computers in several different locations and still get the same "sever connection reset, reconnecting to server in 5 seconds" error.

So that leaves Gamestop, Steam, and Amazon. I'm none too happy about using Gamestop/Impulse, for various reasons.'s download service is actually pretty good and they price their games competitively. But I foresee most of my future purchases to be on Steam.

Thankfully, I recently found Desura for indie games and I plan to continue to use downloading directly from the seller, if possible.

A year ago I was happy with my direct download options, now... not so much.
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