Matrix Games is looking for Game Manual Writers

Started by Lord Zimoa, January 29, 2014, 11:37:28 AM

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I assume this is for the new revised edition of the World in Flames rulebooks.

Only joking  :)
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Let Banzai_Cat dive into this one - I'm buried under 11 other jobs already, and trying to keep this place humming along.

speaking of which - relocating this to the "help wanted" area :)
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if youre interested -


We have been surprised by the number of applicant for this post and all very creditable applicants they are J. So although some may not be successful on this occasion, with permission from you we will keep your name on file.

What I would like to do is ask you to write a short game overview for QUADRIGA which is a game currently in development. Imagine that this will be the opening section of the Game Manual. I would suggest between 1000/2000 words depending on your style.

This should explain the core game concepts and game mechanics.

In reality you would consult with the game developers and the Matrix/ Slitherine/Ageod Producer in charge of the game, but in this instance that will not be possible, so use your imagination.  A tip to note is that if this game were to be translated to other languages the localisation contractor will charge us a fee per word per language and whilst I would not want this to cramp your style you need to bear this in mind. Please also bear in mind that the manual has to be completed by the Gold Master date for the game and it is imperative you are complete and ready for layout (done by our design team) by this date. So if appointed, make it your business to know this.

The role of a manual writer is a part time position working from home, although if you are located close to any of our offices we will be happy to see you.  The rates of pay for this are as follows and to give you an idea, the page count of the game manual for Commander the Great War was 70 Pages. This is a fairly typical page count and we accept that if this was based on an hourly rate the payment would not be huge. You will also receive a free Boxed Copy of the game complete with the manual.


1.1.   Page counts referred to herein are the content pages of the final print version of the Manual.

1.2.   Provision of proof reading and correction services of existing draft game manuals, to be completed to final release standard. Remuneration will be $1.50 per page.

1.3.   Provision of proof reading and correction services, including researching and adding additional materials, screenshots and content for existing draft game manuals, to be completed to final release standard. Remuneration will be $3.00 per page.

1.4.   Complete manual creation, including researching materials, providing screenshots and content, to be completed to final release standard. Remuneration will be $5.00 per page.

The next stage, if you are still interested in this position, is that you should drop me an e mail confirming this and we will send you a key code to enable you to download a current version of QUADRIGA, please remember that this is not a finished game and is typical of the sort of material that you will be working with to prepare your initial draft.

Also if you are interested in writing reviews or articles for WARGAMER please note this as well, in your response.

A final point to note is that this vacancy has been created, as one of our manual writers was offered a full time post with the company and joins the team at our Milan office on Monday next.

Other vacancies are currently :

Tech support assistant

Producer based at our Epsom office preferably with IOS skills

Best Wishes and good luck



Yep, I got the same reply.

Just a word for anyone who's not done manual writing: this pay is pretty much on par with what Matrix did in the mid-2000s. I guarantee you if you're putting together a manual from scratch with basic info from the dev and a build of the game to take screenshots with, you're going to spend many an hour putting a manual together. You should decide if your 'free time' is worth that $500 or so you'll get for completing it. Don't forget you might very well sink 40-60 hours into the project, depending on the developer, so you might only come out at $9/10 an hour or so. And that's if the manual is 100 pages. Considering some of these games, it might very well exceed this number of pages. A simpler game might be shorter/easier to document.